It's All About You.

A three person digital-performative portrayal of Vito Acconci, focusing on the tension he creates between the viewer and the artist.

Created with Alessandra Villaamil & Ioni GKliati

All About You
Digital Mirror

A nude person is sitting on a leather sofa surfing the internet on a large screen searching for personal information about the gallery viewers. Every time a jewcy content is fished the lines are read to the gathering crowd.

Digital Mirror
Room With a Nude

A performance for a single performer and an audience. It is a pitch dark room to which viewers are invited to enter in which a nude person resides.

Created in collaboration with Cyrus Von Hochstetter & Eszter Ozsvald

Room With a Nude
Cube Of Expression

4 art students in New York use their own discpline to discuss the same subject with different technologies.

Created with Min Jung Kim, Valentina Camancho & Eszter Ozsvald

Cube of Expression