End Archive

Life in the city, is very much about the now and the immediate, it exurbs the feeling that present will always be presence and extant will never turn into extinct. But time does not stand still, what we know now of the city is bound to disappear, change or grow anew.
</archive> (read: end archive) is an urban art installation in which participants tag a collection of moments, actions, interactions and places unique to the city that is but will dissipate from the city that was.
Each QR code tag corespondents to a blank entry at the </archive> blog that is then filled with images and text about the specimen. The collective of city dwellers map what they care about by contributing their perspectives and viewing others places and words.
The created archive is both a physical and virtual display, publicly accessible and collectively assembled.

by Alex Dodge, Eszter Ozsvald, Mirit Tal & Yonatan Ben-Simhon
Presented at the Festival for the New City sponsored by the New Museum, and at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York, 2011.