Giving Yourself Away

In "Giving Yourself Away" the artist lurks for the mailman, photographs him and sends a postcard with the mailman's image to an address on his delivery route. A trivial daily process turns into an event that actualizes the mailman as a medium and a person that maintains the connection between the sender and the receiver. The liminal moment in which the mailman finds his own image and hands it away to a stranger is kept undocumented and intimate while the addressee is left with only traces of what happened.

"I once met a former mailman at an exhibition were I presented a Giving Yourself Away postcard. It was adressed to my mailman at 'The mailman of Yonatantsav, 167 13th st, Brooklyn, Ny 11211'. He told me that by the postal regulations booklet he will not be able to take the postcard even though it has his image and is addressed to him. I responded that this was totally unfair. I am happy to have never received this postcard at my address".