Yonatan   Friends

>> Vincent Plagnol
My close friend from LA. A brilliant mathematician and computational biologist. French, lives in Pasadena.

>> Mirit Tal
My closest girl friend. A computer programmer and an artist. Will move to NY soon.

>> Shiri Bar-On
My most recent ex-girlfriend. Studies photography and specializes in sendable pinholes.

>> Wlodeck Proskurowski
My close friend and Professor from USC. A numerical analyst, hiker and culinary specialist.

>> Helgi Ingolfsson
Office mate and dyslectic friend. An Icelandic citizen. Not sure what he can do.

>> Alicia Ackerman
A redhead friend. Practices photography and is studying to become a librarian. I was her first date.

>> Ross Melnick
Nookies' partner. A gifted intellectual who's into old movie palaces. A student and a writer.